Wheel Stud Dilemma

On my build, I wanted to run extended front wheel studs for future bigger brakes and/or a possible wider wheel application, but don’t want nothing crazy like hot-dog length ARP studs, which look weird imo. Ended up being advised to use studs from a Acura RL which are slightly longer at 1.75″ length versus the common integra/civic studs at 1.50″ length. Because an actual OEM wheel stud sells for around $13ea, I opted to go with a suggested aftermarket brand ‘Febest’ and seemed like decent quality at $43 for a 10pc set. Let me say, these are good quality as they’re 100% compatible with factory Honda wheel hubs (fitting fine into the knurled stud hole) aside from the unforeseen issue I experience with them. After what I experienced with these studs, I’m going to assume other aftermarket wheel studs run the same issue as these do.

Brought my front integra knuckles to a local shop to have the wheel bearings, LCA bushings, and lower ball joints pressed in. However, after pressing my freshly re-studded hubs into the wheel bearing and knuckle assembly, they found the back of the wheel studs bottom out on the knuckle, preventing it from rotating, as seen here

Found out that on some stud/wheel hub combos, you can run into this clearance issue. Notice below, OEM wheel studs all run a chamfered edge to clear the knuckle, like so:

We went back and forth about maybe the wheel bearings I got were wrong, and trying new ones, almost going with different studs, but ultimately we ended up grinding down the edges of Febest stud heads and it gave plenty of clearance and solved the issue:

Why did I stick with factory wheel hubs? Well, I was informed that aftermarket wheel hubs can be ‘trash’ due to the following…

Aftermarket wheel hubs typically run larger knurled wheel stud hole diameters – larger than genuine factory hubs. So, factory studs are completely incompatible due to this and you’re stuck using possibly inferior China branded wheel studs. One fix for this is to tack weld on the studs to these aftermarket hubs. Yea I don’t like that at all – OEM is best.

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