Integra Trailing-Arm Restoration

Purchased a set of 97′ Integra trailing arms to convert my rear drum brakes to disc for track duty.

This process involved removing the calipers, rotors, E-brake cables, and cutting out the ABS sensors and brackets as I won’t be using those and they went straight to the trash.

After everything was removed I took them outside to pressure wash and degrease the best I could to remove the 26 years of dirt attached to these.

After the arms were cleaned up and a lot of the hardware was removed, it was time to remove the rear hubs as i’ll be replacing them for new ones with new wheel bearings. These pulled off after removing the gold cap over the center of the hub, and removing the 32mm nut, washer, a little side hammer tapping and prying with a small pry bar and they came off.

This is the bottom of the wheel bearing / race which still attached that we’ll need to remove to install the new hub with bearing.

After spraying some WD-40 around the top and bottom edges of the race, let that soak for a few minutes. I used a Snap-On Chisel to wedge in-between the bottom of the race and then smack with a hammer.

After a few hits the race pops off and you can see some old surface rust, nothing a little WD-40 and a micro fiber couldn’t clean up.

Apply some high-temp grease on the shaft before throwing the new hub on there, then after the hub is on put back the wash and nut, torque down to 132ft-lbs and indent the nut into the galley.

Last step was knocking out the rear compliance bushings, I sprayed a little WD-40 around the edge and let that sit for a few minutes, then took my mini sledge hammer and gave it 3-5 big smacks on the edge and it popped out.

Now these are ready for new ASR compliance bushings. Install HERE

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