K20A Type R Motor Arrives

I finally took the plunge and ordered a motor/ Went with the K20A Type R motor out of a Accord Euro R. The Accord Euro R K20A or simply CL7 K20A engine is similar to the ep3/dc5 k20R as far as power output but has some slight differences. Runs an RBC intake manifold, RBC cylinder head, and balance shafted oil pump, equivalent to a usdm K20Z3 engine. Only big difference to the k20z3 is the Type-R camshafts and PRC 11.5cr pistons. This motor was imported from Japan by JDMofCalifornia.

While the CL7 K20A is equipped with the better flowing RBC intake manifold (vs the PRC), the PRB cylinder head has a better cfm flow rate over the RBC head. How that translates to horsepower is yet to be seen but I’m fully content with this R engine after making some minor updates such as a PRB oil pump!

My next step will be finding a transmission for it, if Type R transmissions weren’t so overpriced right now, I’d use that. Instead i’ll be sourcing a Z3 transmission from a Civic SI.

Receiving the motor from freight delivery.

Unwrapped motor:

Header and heat shield was removed since it won’t be used.

Engine being hoisted up to place on engine stand.

Engine on the stand.

Removing Engine harness, AC compressor, and alternator.

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