Front Brake & Hub Restoration

Purchased a set of front knuckles, LCA, Brakes, and Sway bar off a 94 Integra to upgrade the front suspension with better stopping performance, and for future use of bigger Prelude VTEC rotors & Spoon Calipers.

First step was using WD-40 on all bolts that were being removed and let them soak for a few minutes. (rotor screws, caliper mounting bolts, ABS brackets, wheel bearing)

The ABS cable runs up the arm of the front knuckle, There are two 10mm bolts going up it which hold the line/brackets that need to be removed.

There are an additional two 10mm bolts mounting the actual ABS sensor onto the knuckle, once those are removed the sensor will just pull right off.

Next is removing the caliper mounting bolts on the back of the caliper, I used a flat head screw driver against the rotor to push them off, then the caliper should come off completely with the brake pads.

Next I had to knock the hub out of the back knuckle, I used a big impact socket with a hammer against the back of the wheel bearing, after a few good smacks it popped out. (Pro-Tip: Use a few peaces of 2/4 wood to give it enough gap to push down, and make sure to soak the bearing with WD-40 good too)

This is the front hub after it falls out.

Next I needed to remove the stock wheel studs as i’m swapping them out for Acura RL ones which are slightly longer which will be needed in the future for the Bigger rotors / spoon caliper setup. Do the same thing with propping them up on the wood and just give them a good smack with the hammer. ( I soak these with WD-40 too)

Finished removal, now use a wire brush to clean up any surface rust.

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