Type-S Oil Pump, Timing Chain, Guides, and Cover

Being that I purchased a used 60k mile engine from Japan, it’s a no-brainer to do some required maintenance on it replacing the timing chain, all chain guides, chain tensioner, etc. This includes replacing the chonky RBC balance shafted oil pump with a K20A2 PRB oil pump. Although this PRB pump will give off more engine vibrations than the RBC pump the trade off is worth it. It’s more compact design, offers way less parasitic drag resulting in an approximate 5-7hp give-back, and cavitates oil later than sooner in the rpm range. Being the goto performance oriented oil pump this is, it’s usually a mandatory upgrade for K-series baffled pans offered on the market such as with the Unit2Fab baffled pan I have. This pump does need to be modified for certain K-series block fitment (such as mine) to fit around the girdle hump.

Original oil pump. Notice how the pick-up scoop hangs low from being a taller design:

New K20A2 baffle plate installed with oil plug:

Close up on plugged oil hole, baffle plate includes hole that just fits perfectly for my solution:

New K20A2 oil pump mocked into position:

The top portion of the PRB pump used to have webbing. It needed removal in order to fit around the crank girdle + girdle bolts. This is a common modification for certain K-series blocks such as mine and K24’s as well:

Installed. Notice how the pickup scoop is a much shorter design vs the RBC’s pickup:

Oil pump chain installed (required tilting the pump first before full bolting it back down)

New timing chain, chain guides, tensioner, upgraded billet lower timing chain guide, etc.

Timing cover installed with new Hondabond and post mount installed from RSX:

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