EG Civic Passenger Airbag Delete

All USDM 92+ civics came with airbags (intl models did not), 94+ all came with pass side bags which sat as a hump on top of the passenger side dash. As we have removed the SRS system on my civic, I am deleting all airbags for the purpose of weight saving, and preventing any un-wanted detonation on rough track days. I found while removing the AC condenser from under the passenger side dash that you can fairly easily access 4 bolts holding down the airbag from the dash. After removing those and unplugging the airbag harness, you can carefully remove the airbag assembly out from the top.

After you have the airbag assembly out you will notice there are torx tamper proof security bolts and the nuts are tamper proof nuts on the other side. You can use a generic security key from a bit set to remove the screws, and i found using a fast release locking plier to grab the triangle bolts and unscrew them (They aren’t on very tight). After you have all the bolts and nuts off, GENTLY remove the top air bag cover dash plate from the canister assembly, it might be slightly sticky depending on the condition of your car, i had to give mine a little wiggle as I pulled it off. Doing this step with too much force may result in pulling the airbag out and or possibly inflating it.

After the canister is removed from the airbag dash plate, you can simply install it back on the dash and put the 4 bolts back in.

Airbag dash plate re-installed:

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