EG OEM Fuel Pump Replacement

My stock fuel pump worked fine, but as the one in the car was 29 years old, seemed liked a good idea to replace it so that we are starting with a fresh new one that will hopefully last another 29 years, and not give out randomly on a track day. Ended up ordering a new OEM Denso Type R fuel pump which matched the one that came with the car my K20A came out of.

Original fuel pump being opened for the first time in 29 years – paleontologist mode activated

Inside the tank, fairly clean thankfully.

Original fuel pump, looks to be in really great shape!

Even the filter looks pretty clean for its age.

Old pump vs new pump – Identical, just hopefully with a lot more life in it.

New pump installed super easily, no parts needed replacing aside from the retaining washer on the bottom. Will save the original fuel pump as a backup incase this one dies.

Top of fuel pump cleaned up.

Ready to run.

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