ASR Revolver trailing arm compliance bushing install

Stock rear compliance bushings suck, so I’m installing some ASR Revolvers which are much better suited for track use. One of my friend’s Katman has been using them for years with no issues.

Once you have the OEM bushing removed, clean out the hole as this new one will be a push in style.

Set the bushing with the ASR engraving and bolt tabs facing outward towards the wheels of the car.

Use a rubber hammer/mallet to evenly tap the bushing in, use a circular pattern to evenly set it.

After a few good firm taps you’ll know its all the way in once the metal tabs hit against the trailing arms.

Next you’ll need to drill the holes for the tab bolts to go through. ASR calls for a 10mm drill bit, but I found a 32/64 bit worked perfect for me. I sprayed some WD-40 in the hole after it was started to help cut better. I had a buddy hold a vacuum next to the hole as this made a crazy amount of metal shavings and this captures 99% of the shavings preventing them from trying to jump into the spherical bearing and making a mess.

Once your done drilling, you should have even holes like this (front and rear view)

Take the supplied bolt and nut from ASR and insert it into the holes.

Push the bolt through the hole and use an alen key to secure it.

Use a 12mm socket on the back side to secure the nut, tighten it down nice and snug.

Completed ASR Revolver install 👌

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