Prius Backlight Door Lock Switch Swap

There is a weird issue between certain range 4the generation prius. The driver door lock switch panel goes between having all the buttons being back-lit, to only the driver window and side mirror switch back-lit (like on my 2022 Prius LE) which is very annoying trying to find the switch at night. Toyota went from 2017-2018 being unlit, to 2019-2020 being lit, and then again 2021-2022 being unlit! However since all the years are pretty much identical in terms of electronics, you can swap out the switch panel between them all.

Buying a suitable switch assembly

When looking for your switch assembly, aside from going off the year, you'll want to verify the window buttons have the white squares signifying where the backlight would shine through. The easiest method is finding one off Ebay, or going to a local junkyard and ripping one out of a totaled prius. I got mine for around $45.

Hardware / Tools

  • Switch Assembly
  • Plastic Pry Tool
  • Phillips Screwdriver (If swapping face plate)

  • Removing the arm rest

    Start by using a plastic pry tool and inserting it on front of the seem and prying out, you'll hear a snap sound as the plastic clips holding it in pop out. Do the same to the back of it.

    After you pop that out, the arm rest will have a plastic "umbilical cord" holding it to the door panel, you can just let the arm rest sit there while we move onto the switch assembly.

    Removing the switch panel assembly

    Just like the arm rest assembly, use your plastic pry tool to push between the seem of the door panel and the switch facia and gently push it up to raise it out of the door panel.

    After you pop the switch assembly out, there will be two harness connectors. One for the side mirror control, and the lower for the rest of the controls. Press down on the connector for each plug and gently unpplug them both to remove the assembly.

    Swapping out the switch panel facia

    Now if you order a complete unit, it will probably come with an existing facia like mine did (so this is technicall optional), but mine was so scratched up since totoyta decided to use the worst thing ever (piano black finish) so i ended up just swapping mine over to the older switch assembly so it still looked good. On the back there will be 3 phillips screws, unscrew them and the switch assembly will just pop right out. Then just install your repalcment switch panel in the oppsite order you took it out.

    End Results - Night interior comparison

    After everything is back installed and verified working, here is the comparison difference looking at the switches at night while inside the car. Pretty amazing difference and well worth the swap.